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When I was first introduced to Unix systems, I was very happy to just type away not caring much about the interface. I thought in a very classic 13 year old, naive manner: It’s just the command line, what’s there to change?! I was content with the bare minimum shell and prompt. I didn’t have any knowledge that I could change anything, nor did I have any experience as to why I would want to change it. It’s the command line after all.

In the beginning, and my recollection is hazy, it probably looked something like this:

a super basic PS1

Over time, after logging into different systems and seeing different shells and prompts, I came to the realization that I could change the interface and that I had actual reasons to change it. But really the primary reason to change it was that I could change it!

I started changing not just my default shell but my default PS1. But little stuff. Add a \u here, maybe a \W and so on and so forth. I never thought much about it, it was very fickle and it never really felt...

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