Written by Morgan Delagrange on 05:54 reading time

TL;DR Hubot Test Helper works great with the most recent versions of Hubot and Node. With older versions, YMMV. You can find sample tests here and here. They use some convenience methods found here.

Recently our team decided to upgrade to the latest version of Hubot. We’re running version 2.10.0, pretty far behind the current version (2.16.0). We had attempted to upgrade previously, but we discovered that later versions of Hubot broke our test suite. It’s time to find a new way to test!

Let’s start with some research. I found an issue on GitHub called “Define and document testing patterns for scripts”. There are pointers to two testing options: Hubot Mock Adapter and Hubot Test Helper. To me, Hubot Mock Adapter looks like a dead end. It hasn’t been updated for well over a year, and based on a comment from willdurand it won’t work with Hubot 2.14+. So that leaves Hubot Test Helper. Let’s try it out.

[I’ve set up a GitHub repository with all the steps described in this...

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