Written by Kris Schultz on 10:10 reading time

I was inspired by a blog post I read the other day about a junior software engineer’s experience of being hired by a company, knowing she was junior, and being let go because she was “too junior”. In her blog post, Jenn identifies several issues a company should consider before hiring junior engineers. As a company that regularly hires junior engineers I thought it would be a good idea to share our experience.

Teaching Hospital

For all of my time at Leapfrog (going on seven years at this point) the technology department has been referred to as a teaching hospital. We hire junior engineers and give them the environment and tools they need to succeed as software engineers.

We view our junior engineers (test and software) as the latest batch of interns to our fine hospital under the tutelage of our other software engineers. We give the junior engineers the opportunity to apply what they have learned academically on the job and expose them to technologies, tools, and situations that they probably would...

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