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What’s the purpose of estimation?

The practice of estimating work in software development is a challenge that we often encounter. It is not always easy to estimate effort, especially when the complexity and uncertainty of the story increases. The purpose of estimation using story points is to agree on the effort and complexity involved of a user story order in order to better plan and execute product development. Some other goals of estimating using story points are as follows:

  • To be prepared to answer “What can be completed in two weeks?” during sprint planning
  • To increase the accuracy and precision of ^ that answer
  • To estimate against the team and not an individual
  • To set expectations and align as a team
  • To be able to forecast and prioritize the backlog

What is a story point and why do teams use them instead of measures of time?

A story point is a relative measure used by teams to evaluate the effort and uncertainty involved with implementing a story. Story points make...

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