Written by Joel Grossman on 07:19 reading time

NOTE: This is somewhat of a departure from our normal nerdery, but a pretty decent indication of how and why we’re building our Conversion Platform and the reason why we think it’s going to provide some meaningful value.

The term programmatic appears often in discussions of digital marketing and advertising. It’s most commonly deployed in compound form as programmatic media or programmatic buying, referring to the collection of information about consumer preferences, publisher inventory and pricing, advertiser goals, and the use of software programs to automate the dependent processes of data collection, purchasing, ad trafficking and performance management.

The big idea here is about efficiency, both in the sense that the software can perform calculations and make decisions at a scale and speed that eclipses that of human media buyers, and in the sense of efficient markets. As of the first half of 2015, the use of programmatic media, or programmatic buying, has become not just all...

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