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I’ve had the luxury of having a lot of great managers in my career. I’ve also had the luxury of having some really awful ones. And while I’ve learned a lot from my great managers, I’ve also learned a lot from the bad ones. In fact, I’ve probably learned a whole lot more from the bad ones.

Did you get the coversheet?

The great managers I’ve had were strong proponents of the one on one. The bad managers didn’t know what a one on one was.

The Manager Tools site has a great Podcast on the subject that still resonates even though it’s almost 9 years old. Their description:

The single most effective management tool.

If Podcasts aren’t your cup of tea, or if you stopped reading once you saw the word management then maybe Rands’ take on management is more your style:

First, those [people] don’t work for you; you work for them. Think of it like this: if those [people] left, just left the building tomorrow, how much work would actually get done?

The deeper I’ve gotten into management, the more I appreciate...

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