Written by Morgan Delagrange on 09:10 reading time

In this article, I’ll show you how to configure Boxen to work with GitHub Enterprise, sharing some of the tricks I’ve picked up by using Boxen here at Leapfrog Online.


On February 15th, 2013, GitHub launched a cool configuration management system for Macs called Boxen. If you have a bunch of developers, designers and operations folks in your organization, Boxen is a great tool for getting software installed on their workstations quickly and consistently. Under the hood, Boxen uses two key technologies: 1) Puppet, which installs software on the workstations, and 2) GitHub, which stores the Puppet configurations, propogates configuration changes to users, and handles user authentication and authorization.

At launch, Boxen worked really well for users with github.com accounts, but you couldn’t configure it to work with GitHub Enterprise. Over the following months, the Boxen community worked to add support for GitHub Enterprise installations, and today Boxen works equally...

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