Written by Dan Lavin on 24:44 reading time

I remember flipping through the channels one Saturday morning, trying to find something good to watch, when I suddenly came across a goofy looking man with a paintbrush and one of the best damn afros you’ve ever seen. That man was none other than Bob Ross, artist and host of the PBS series, “The Joys of Painting.”

Bob Ross

It’s very easy to get distracted by the physical appearance of Mr. Ross, but all joking aside, there was something quite magical about his style of painting. I distinctly remember being being mesmerized by his methodical, yet simplistic approach. Ross was an amazing teacher with this innate ability to take something that most people viewed as complex and make it approachable. This trait, along with patience and passion for his craft are what made him so great. In fact, the more I reflect, the more I can’t help but think he would have made a fantastic developer.

That’s a great story, but what does this have to do with animation? Well, as someone still relatively new to the...

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