Attending Anyone Can Learn To Code

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Last week a few in the Leapfrog team attended the Anyone Can Learn To Code (ACLTC) showcase at 1871 Chicago. Our goals in attending the showcase were to: share with these graduates who Leapfrog is, increase the pool of candidates for Leapfrog engineering job openings, and get an early chance to talk to people as they transition to their software engineering careers. The ACLTC showcase was from 11am-1pm, during which we had the opportunity to converse with almost all the graduates. The conversations started with the graduates individually sharing a demo of their project at their tables, our team asking questions, and us sharing who Leapfrog is and what we do.


Demos from graduates were generally succinct and well communicated. The demo format allowed the audience to understand the purpose of the project, its functionality, and, in some instances, features that the graduates were planning on adding. The best demos gave us an insight into the graduates’ development process: the development challenges the graduates experienced, the different ways they decided to solve technical problems, and insights into what problems they were personally trying to solve with their project.

Our Team Asking Questions

The Leapfrog team in attendance was all volunteers. We had a diversity of roles in attendance from Technology: Software Engineers, Director of Technology Operations, Director of Engineering, and a Scrum Master. Our questions were around technical challenges the graduates encountered, application architecture decisions, and insights or understanding of the software libraries the graduates used. We also asked questions about their backgrounds, their perspectives about pursuing a technology career, what do they like about technology and specifically, why do they want to be software engineers.

Sharing Who Leapfrog Is

When we conversed with graduates we tried to share what Leapfrog is about, but in some instances we did not have time or there were too many people around the graduate waiting for a demo.

In case you do not know what we do…

Who is Leapfrog?

The Performance Marketing Agency

What does Leapfrog do?

Move clients from where they are to where they need to be in their digital acquisition optimization journey

How does Leapfrog do this?

  • Connect data to unleash marketing intelligence and drive marketing and media strategy
  • Compel consumers through real-time, personalized experiences
  • Convert consumers to profitable new customers
  • Enabled by an open, integrated scalable platform…optimized through why and what’s next predictive analytics

What sets Leapfrog apart?

  • Defined Performance Marketing over 20 years ago
  • Smart, strategic, transparent, problem solvers repeatedly exceeding our clients’ acquisition and business goals
  • Unwavering commitment to strategic execution… we get it, we get it done, we get it right…every time.
  • Our ability to repeatedly deliver exceptional results is realized through technology that scales

Gathering of Perspectives

After the showcase our team gathered and compared perspectives about the graduates. Most of us had notes scribbled on a handy sheet provided by ACLTC which showed a picture, name, email address, and name of project for each candidate. We conveniently use the space to write our notes. Our notes contained information about the project the graduate built and thoughts as we conversed with them. When we gathered we made decisions on which candidates we wanted to contact right away.

Afterwards we created a wiki page with all the candidates and our perspectives; this gathering of information enables us to have background on the candidates as we speak to them in the future.

Bright Future Ahead

It was a positive experience to see diverse projects and people embarking on their software engineering careers. We hope that some of them decide to join us here at Leapfrog.


German Flores
Scrum Master, Team Development